Top 10 most romantic car features

Got someone to impress this Valentines Day? If you’re planning a romantic drive somewhere, make sure your car is equipped with the features that will get heart rates soarin

1. Massage Seats

Who doesn’t love a little added extra massage whilst driving? This feature is becoming more and more popular amongst car manufacturers, so you’ve got lots of choice when it comes to looking for a car with this option. BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover and Porsche are just some of the brands offering this feature. Mercedes and Range Rover’s systems even simulate a hot stone massage. Add to this by also including heated and cooled seats and you’ll be in the height of luxury!

massage seats

2. Mood Lighting

Mood lighting is included in some cars like Volvo and VW where you can change the colour and brightness of the ambient interior lighting, but some cars take this further. The 2020 Kia Soul has mood lighting which changes with the music – Romantic! If you don’t have mood lighting, you can always add it – a quick google search reveals a number of systems you can retrospectively fit into your existing car, and for not much money either.

mood lighting

3. Starlight Roof

If you’ve got money to burn, this seriously cool feature is available in a Rolls Royce. It basically makes your car roof look like the night sky with hundreds of fibre optic lights representing the stars. You can even pay extra to replicate what the night sky looked like on a particular date. Now that’s got to be worth serious brownie points!

At the cheaper end of the market, the now discontinued Vauxhall Adam had an option to get a ‘Starscape’, LED star pattern rooflining, so now might be the time to scour the used car sites!


5. Fragrance Dispenser

Get your car smelling gorgeous to impress your date with a fragrance dispenser, available in Mercedes S550 and randomly, the Fiat 500L. The Mercedes version features glass vials of fragrance which can be electronically controlled with a set schedule and strength, so you can always make sure your car is smelling sweet when it matters most. There are four scents to choose from, or you can fill an empty vial with your favourite perfume or aftershave.


6. Champagne Cooler

Now if this doesn’t ooze luxury, we don’t know what does! If you fancy splashing a LOT of cash, Bentley offer a range of coolers and cabinets built into your car. You can choose from:

  • A refrigerated drinks cooler with room for two one litre bottles, a small tray and two drinking glasses with their own glass holder deployed from the centre seat cushion 
  • An illuminated cocktail cabinet with two bespoke crystal decanters and hand blown crystal glasses and a stainless steel Bentley branded hipflask 
  • A refrigerated champagne cooler with room for a bottle of champagne, bottle stopper and two bespoke champagne flutes 
  • A console bottle holder which consists of an LED backlit cooler cabinet perfect for storing a bottle of champagne, and a chilling ring to keep the bottle cooled once open, plus two hand cut crystal flute glasse 

The Mercedes S600 also offers a replacement for the third rear seat in the form of a centre console that folds out with two tables, a fridge and two silver plated champagne flutes with grips to prevent spillage

cocktail cooler

7. Panoramic Sunroof

If your budget doesn’t stretch to the starlight roof in a Rolls Royce, you can always go for the real thing, and get a car with a panoramic sunroof to see the real stars from. Thankfully, lots of cars have this as an option. As always not all are equal, with Mercedes offering ‘Magic Sky Control’, which gives the owner control over the temperature and brightness in the car by altering the amount of sunlight getting in through the sunroof. You can switch between ‘Open Sky’ to ‘Shade’ in a matter of seconds, so you can keep your date comfortable.


8. Convertible

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with warm weather for Valentine’s Day, you can’t beat the wind in your hair that comes from driving a convertible. There’s something sexy about that roof coming down and the look of a car with it’s top off. Plus it’s great for star gazing or visiting an open air cinema!


9. Coffee Machine

If a champagne cooler is out of your budget, why not get a car with an in-built coffee machine to impress your date! The Fiat 500L were the first to introduce this, allowing owners to choose a Lavazza ‘Coffee Experience’ kit as an option, which includes car coffee cups, a spoon holder and a sugar container. Once the coffee machine base is filled with water and placed in the centre cupholder, the heating element boils the water.

SEAT is now also offering a ‘Handpresso’ coffee making device as an optional extra that fits neatly into the twin cup holders between the front seats. It’s powered by the 12V socket and makes 50ml of hot fresh espresso in under 3 minutes.

coffee coffee2

10. BMW's Gentleman Function

BMW added this function to the settings in a 7 series back in 2009. Basically it allows the driver to adjust the passengers seat so you can make sure your passenger is comfortable when they get in the car. Slightly disappointing that it doesn’t summon an ‘Ask Jeeves’ esque butler with a name like that!


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20th of January 2020