Preparing your car for Winter

The winter months are some of the most taxing for your car. Plummeting temperatures put pressure on the engine and battery. To keep your car in tip top condition and avoid a big repair bill or being left out in the cold, here are our top tips.

1. Check your battery 

In the colder winter months, you are likely to be putting extra strain on your car’s battery using the heaters and lights more often, along with other electrical items. This combined with the cold weather means your battery may struggle more than usual to start your car in winter. You can avoid a problem by checking the health of your battery before the bad weather kicks in and replace it if necessary. 

2. Screen washer fluid 

Make sure you top up your screen wash to avoid your windscreen wipers smearing dirt across your windows making them difficult to see through. Don’t just top up with water though, as this is likely to freeze. Make sure you use a proper washer fluid with antifreeze included to have smear free windows all winter. The salt on the road and colder weather will mean you will need your wipers more during winter so don’t get caught out

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23rd of October 2019